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Our hotel, which was opened in 2005 within the body of GÜLTEKİN TURİZM OTELCİLİK LTD company, which was established as a continuation of the Ankara-based GÜLTEKİN METAL AHŞAP SANAYİİ, GÜLTEKİN İMALAT A.Ş companies, serves with the concept of a Boutique City Hotel, open for 12 months with the 4 Star status with the Ministry of Tourism Operation Certificate.

It has been renewed during the Pandemic process, where it was closed, and it has been renovated from A to Z, so to speak.

With its location 250 m to Trabzon city center, 8 km to the airport, within walking distance of the Historical Bedesten and the must-see touristic values ​​of the city, it serves its guests for excursions and holidays, and also hosts business accommodation.

Within our hotel; We have 2 multi-purpose dining halls with 180 degrees sea view, offering breakfast and a la carte food service. SERÇINI BREAKFAST HALL has a capacity of 150 PEOPLE, AVALON RESTAURANT &CAFE has a capacity of 80 PEOPLE. Our hotel with 55 rooms; 1 King Suite, 35 Standard rooms with sea and city views, 10 connected family rooms, 5 triple family rooms and 5 economy rooms with a 140-bed accommodation capacity. We have 1 meeting room equipped with modern equipment, 100% fresh air circulation and air conditioning system, which can serve up to 80 people, depending on the seating arrangement.



The initiatives of our founder, who was born in 1934 and started trading in his hometown of Trabzon at the age of 20, ended with Funda Hotel, which is his biggest dream. Although hotel management is a profitable investment or a commercial step to be taken for many organizations and companies; Funda Hotel was founded by a businessman from Trabzon who left his hometown to earn money at a young age and who wanted to transfer all his investments to his hometown one day. Paşabahçe Dealership, which he started in 1954, then Gültekin Manufacturing, which he established in 1978, and Gültekin A.Ş., which he completed in 1993. It has been the most basic commercial steps taken for the Gültekin Otelcilik brand to be established in 2000. Thanks to all this commercial experience he gained, his businessman identity, his successful entrepreneurial aspect, which was rare in his growing up, and his right investments, his commercial life has reached the desired point thanks to Funda Hotel, which was opened in 2005. In this long marathon; He was always supported by his precious wife Sebahat GÜLTEKİN and his children Funda KEKEÇ, Hasan GÜLTEKİN and Ahmet GÜLTEKİN, who took him as an example not only as a father but also as a teacher. It's not just a business; He is fully aware that the way to realize his dream of establishing a home for his family, an investment that can be a root for his children and even his grandchildren not to leave their homeland, is not a good boss but a good teacher and not only for his children but for everyone who needs him, being a great, uncle, brother or even a father. reflected in his life. In this way; He became the brother of Rahmi to everyone who works in the companies, factories or other institutions where his business lives intersect at any point, and the grandfather of every employee who has served in the Funda Hotel, where he lives his dream.

When the founders of many companies are examined, it can be encountered with a full CV in terms of business and education. However, Funda Hotel, besides being the product of a very valuable and long commercial equipment, has become not only a commercial story, but also the dream of a family's father and the root that that family has rooted in its hometown, thanks to the paternalism and huge heart of our founder. Even though it was sometimes found strange because he always followed the truth in both his business life and his private life, and did not even accept anything he did not believe in; Thanks to every value he gives to his family, every word he teaches to his children, every understanding he shows to his employees, and every honesty he displays to others, he has succeeded in making a place in the hearts and lives of many people. Our founder, who is a person to whom greatness suits him best, passed away in 2018 as a great "father" in the way that suits him best, but he left behind a family he raised very well, a solid foundation and many memories that will always keep him alive. We remember him with love and longing. .


Our Hotel Location

With its central location, Funda Hotel is within walking distance of many points. Our hotel is 5 km from Atatürk Mansion, 3 km from Hagia Sophia Museum and 1.2 km from Kizlar Monastery. The nearest airport is Trabzon Airport, 5 km away.

Other Important Points;

  • Ganita Sahili - 1 km
  • Boztepe Yürüyüş Yolu ve Seyir Terası - 1,8 km
  • Kızlar Manastırı - 1,5 km
  • Trabzon Botanik Bahçesi - 3,4 km
  • Bedesten - 0,1 km
  • Küçük Ayvasıl Kilisesi - 0,4 km
  • Trabzon Müzesi - 0,5 km
  • Trabzon Meydan Parkı - 0,7 km
  • Varlıbaş Alışveriş Merkezi - 1,1 km
  • Trabzon Kalesi - 1,2 km
  • Gülbahar Hatun Türbesi - 1,2 km
  • Trabzon Devlet Tiyatrosu - 1,3 km
  • Trabzon Limanı - 1,3 km
  • Zağnos Vadisi - 2 km
  • Boztepe Piknik Alanı - 2,2 km
  • Trabzon Ayasofya Camisi - 2,8 km

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does your hotel have an internet connection?

Yes. There is free Wifi connection in the common areas and rooms of our hotel.

2 What are your check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00. You can submit your early check-in or late check-out request at the time of reservation; These requests are subject to availability. Additional fees may apply for guests checking in or out before or after the stated times.

3Is smoking allowed in your rooms?

We have smoking rooms. Please specify before logging in.

4Do you accept pets?

Pets are not allowed.

5 Are children paid?

1 child up to 6 years old is free for each room. It is free for babies up to 1 year old.

6 Do you have Airport Roundtrip Service?

Yes, there is a round-trip airport transfer service.

7Do you offer a cancellation option?

Yes. We offer rooms that can be booked on our site and are fully refundable. If you have booked a fully refundable room, it may be canceled up to a few days before check-in, subject to the accommodation's cancellation policy. Be sure to check this accommodation's cancellation policy for exact terms and conditions.

8Is there a cleaning service?

Yes, Funda Hotel Trabzon offers cleaning service.

9Does Funda Hotel serve breakfast?

Yes, Funda Hotel offers open buffet breakfast.

10Are your restaurant services public?

Yes. AVALON Cafe&Bar&Restaurant and SERÇINI breakfast room, located on the terrace floor of our hotel, serve everyone.